Danzol Estrus 32, 100

Danzol Estrus 32, 100 are recommended for heat transfer installations using thermal fluid circulation, in open and closed .........

Danzol Garux Syn-WW

Danzol Garux Syn-WW has been formulated for lubricating enclosed gears ..........  

Danzol Garux Syn

Danzol Oils for moving parts operating at very high temperatures (280°C).

Danzol Machineway ZF

Danzol Machineway ZF offers a wide range of products for all parts of machine tools (hydraulics, slides, gears).

Danzol Pyramid WW-15

Danzol Pyramid WW-15 Mineral based coning oil for continuous polyester and polyamide yarns .........

Danzol Stile ISO 15, to 46

Danzol High performance needle oil, for circular and flatbed knitting machines, formulated .....